Author Topic: ns2_cerbsiege (3.3.17 filmed live full server) w/ a letter (4uPunisher)  (Read 392 times)

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Yes, a new topic.

Cerbsiege ... I wonder if anyone remembers. Well I do. This map is very complex. Why does that matter, you ask? Well for me this map layout is pure intelligence crafted in 3d format and I very much respect the time in design. This clan, IAM-Clan hosted that environment for such an idea to grow.

Currently I type from the heart, as I am ending my Spring Break... I am currently attending Community College & haven't much time to spare left for other than Homework... and I've found myself having mapped 7.5hrs of this map from my ns1_ ns2_ version straight up into an ns2_ verison.

I request this post to stay here for anything curious as to how Cerbsiege has grown from 2005ish, from when IAM-Clan hosted, to currently 2017... where we have a server without a  .... I don't know what's is missing! From December to Present I have been tuning a Camera system which mimicks an Aimbot, in that it eyes targets based on current time and so  I can digest and share footage of Siege as it grows.

My ego is too big for siege. My writings at this point become errors and I request lists of the community for feedback of: bugs suggestions and whatnot for when the timing I can set aside. I myself very much miss being a player, and so I share this footage here for that very reason... and perhaps to request if I may once again wear that tag of [IAM], just for the lulz.

P.s - One thing I respected very much was the maturity held in high regard. For example, Proving Grounds / Murphy's Law + ( That's Enough * Chanuck ) . Wanna know somethinig sad? I deleted and blocked Kizarath.  This letter is for you Punisher because everyone else is dead. Thats Enough, Chanuck, the clowns that ran the division to the ground. Funny innit? I ponder any NS1 regs a chance to see this video and revive/relive the memory.. as 2005 > 2017 is a 12 year gap for this good of an idea to continue if you ask me!

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Honestly, if you feel like you want to wear the [IAM] tag for the lulz, feel free to do so.  Hell, might even get people active again in these forums or have people come hang out some time to see what [IAM] was all about.
Feel free to post all your stuff on the NS topic.  I am not oppose to seeing new posts in the forums, especially from people playing the games we loved so dear and trying to keep things going.

To continue this respectful maturity you speak of, I'll allow you to do this because it sounds like an awesome idea.  You're a good guy Kyle and obviously working very hard on this.  Lemme know if you need anything from [IAM] to keep this idea of yours going.
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