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[IAM] Minecraft Tournament of Champions
« on: August 27, 2011, 05:23:09 PM »

Introducing the [IAM] Minecraft Tournament of Champions!  What is the Minecraft ToC?  Well, it's a variety of changing tasks in a completely new Minecraft world.  Teams (will change each task) will try to complete the task together.  At the end of each task, a winning team will be declared.  Each task will involve two team captains that pick teams from a pool of pre-committed players.  Any players seeking to join mid-task may be placed on a random team, not placed, or placed sequentially based on the task at hand.  Prior to each task will be a sign-up sheet of people expressing their desire to play.

The tasks will not be announced PRIOR to the event.  The server will be password protected while the judges prepare the events.  Briefly before the task event, the teams will be PM'd the passwords and told to connect to the server/special Minecraft ToC channels with this password.  The task will be detailed in the server.  Questions will be answered.  The final task will be posted in the forums for future reference.  After that time, both teams are to complete their tasks while following the rules for the appropriate task.  Any violation of the rules will result in an instant disqualification for the member, potential disqualification for the team, and potential permanent ban from the event/community (depending on severity).

We're not sure what we'll do with the actual results, but each win will be tabulated, as well as some task-specific stats and maybe we'll have fun and give out some titles/awards.  Please keep an eye out for individual task threads (they will be linked within this main thread as well for future reference).  Ideas for tasks can be PM'd to kMac and Anomaly (include both in PM).  Try to consolidate your ideas if you have a number of them to one PM.  Thanks.

The tasks will not really be "difficult" per se, but it really depends on how the team wants to accomplish them.  All people will start from complete scratch in all of the tasks - so it's really about delegating properly and having a better "vision" than the other team.  Thus, ALL PEOPLE OF ALL SKILL LEVELS are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to participate!

Enjoy!  Can't wait to see you all at these events!

Task #1 Thread:
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