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New Recruits Start Here
« on: November 16, 2012, 01:03:04 PM »
Welcome to the home of [IAM]'s Armoured Mercenaries. A mercenary corporation and branch of the [IAM] clan with a recursive name because I am a nerd. We are a fun group of players looking to have a good time, and compete well enough to hold some planets in MWO.  But you're not here for a speech, you're here to join up with MOAR SQUAD to kill MOAR ROBOTS. Because PUGing is lonely and dangerous.

So, to start off with, you'll need to get on our voice communication system of choice, Mumble. Mumble's voice clarity and feature set kick the excrement out of Teamspeak or Ventrillo, so no, we're not going to switch. (And no one uses the in-game C3. :D) We also make good use of the new in-game voice, to coordinate with people outside the corp.

Instructions for getting Mumble and getting connected to us are found here.

We also have Rules and Best Practices, which you should probably be familiar with. All clan community rules will also be enforced, so make sure you give those a quick look as well. Aside from the prohibition on teamkilling, the rest of the rules only apply to people who have been recruited into the clan.

Are you interested in joining up? Getting picked up as a recruit is easy enough - if you've played with us a couple of times, and have shown yourself to be of sound mind and good character, just let me know that you want in. You'll first need to register (button in the bar above), which will also authenticate you on Mumble. If I've played with you, and think you'll be a good fit, or if enough other clanmembers vouch for you, I'll induct you as a recruit. Nice and easy. This will give you a recruit tag, like so: [IAM-r]

In order to be promoted to a full MechWarrior, you'll need to have been a recruit for no less than 30 days, demonstrated some presence on our forums (Let's pick an arbitrary number like 10 posts in that time), and not have turned out to be some sort of secret raging asshole.

There are even additional ranks to be gained, with skill and leadership! Not yet, though, since the game isn't developed enough. But at some point there will be lance commanders, who will, you know, command lances. Above them will be company commanders, who command companies. You can find a guide to Inner Sphere military structure on Sarna. We will be roughly following this model, and we will be approximately a meritocracy. To that end, promotions will be handled through Trials of Position, set up using custom games. Not to worry if you don't have premium time to get in custom games yourself - we can field a pair of team captains with premium to allow the trial to take place. The exact rules for each trial haven't been announced yet - as we have positions open up, we'll sort out the details. They'll be a combination of individual and lance-level versions of what I remember from Mechwarrior 2, pretty much.

Our goal, once we get back up to speed, is to be able to field a full Battalion of mechs, with at least one very skilled company to lead the charge on planetary invasions and the like. We must find a way to turn back the clan tide, after all - I don't think we're going to get the chance to do it the old-fashioned way.

Good luck, and good hunting.
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