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17 May 2010 - [IAM] Mumble Server


The information is below:

Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming, but we go on to socialize as well so feel free to come on and say hi. You're going to need a microphone and speakers of some sort, but don't feel bad if you don't have a mic just yet. You can go in and type to people until you get yourself a mic. Mumble is not only free to use, it also allows us to connect your [IAM] forum username and password to be used in the Mumble program.

Download the proper OS install file from the Mumble website, http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ , and install Mumble. Our server info is as follows:

Label: [IAM] Clan (This you can edit how ever you wish)
Address: mumble.iam-clan.com
Port: 64738

If you have an [IAM] forum username/password, you should use it here and it will link your account with mumble.  If not (boo, hiss, you should sign up for the forums), just put in a desired username and leave the password BLANK (you will be unregistered and may lose some privileges granted to registered forum members).

From here, you're going to want to set up your microphone and speakers for optimal playback, input and output volumes and other settings you may what to tweak.

After that's done, go in and start talking. If you're new to our community, go and introduce yourself to us, and have fun with it.

17 May 2010 - Welcome!

Hello everybody and welcome to the new face of the [IAM] Community!
Administrator Comment Currently outdated - update coming soon to match Branch structure. If interested in joining, please contact a Branch Boss accordingly.
So you want to join [IAM], huh?  Well, you're looking at the right thread!

What does being a member of [IAM] mean?  Well, we can assure you, we're different than a LOT of clans out there.  To explain, let's start with the words of one of our members, [IAM] squishy:

Quote from: [IAM] squishy, from his days as HoN Division Leader
What do we stand for if not a low-stress playing environment?  Practically every game that I play in, someone insults someone else's clan for being bad a the game, and every time I just shake my head because they have no idea why I am in a clan.  I didn't choose [IAM] because it had the best players on the planet, I chose them because I enjoy playing games with the members here.  Take that away, and I have no reason to be here.  A quick glance at my friends list reinforces my ideas that I'm not the only player who feels this way.  I think there is a market for a more civilized game, and that's something that we should be offering.

I have quickly penciled down a set of regulations that all promote a singular idea: the tag.  I want to be in a clan where people understand that the [IAM] in front of your name is more important than the name that comes after it.  Your tag represents a larger group than yourself.  Your behavior should therefore represent more than yourself.  There is a reason that I am embarrassed when my clan-mates behave poorly.  It's because we wear the same tag, and poor behavior on their part reflects poorly on me.

Squishy's post really reflects what we strive to embrace here at [IAM] a fun environment where gamers feel welcomed, at home and proud of what tag they wear.  In fact, our clan mantra says just that:

Overall Mantra: Always show respect to ALL players.  We play with a large variety of players from many different backgrounds. The language used in-game and in mumble should reflect an awareness of the other players that can hear you.  Our goal as a clan is to make a place that people WANT to play games. With that being said, this should be a fun environment that new players want to return to.  You should be welcoming and continue the atmosphere of respect that brought you here.  Bringing people into the community under these pretenses is strongly encouraged.  This is an all-encompassing rule.

Here at [IAM], we are a family.  A family of different people that has come together to play games together.  We range from casual gamers to competitive gamers and have outlets for all types of gamers as long as they fit in to the aforementioned community.

If you would like become a member, it's simple, join us on these forums, our Mumble server, and in-game.  If you are not affiliated with any current clan, we may invite you to join (we will not consider those already members of other clans).  Next, FILL OUT AN APPLICATION!

Additionally, be sure to check out our [IAM] Community Rules - you wouldn't want to break them if you want to become a member!  Add your "introduction" to the clan in our About Me section too!  This will make sure everyone knows who you are.

Thank you and good luck!  We hope to see you around!

Written by [IAM] Anomaly and [IAM] kMac - [IAM] Clan Leaders
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