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10 Oct 2015 - MWOndays Return!

Good news! We've started up MWOndays again, and have managed to have a good turnout for each of the last few weeks! This Monday is looking good for being able to field a full lance, maybe more. [Edit: We topped out at 6! Half a company!]

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with MWO, here are a few of the significant improvements over the last couple of years:
  • In-game voice: That's right, we can now coordinate with PUGs! This has been great for teamwork. It also means we can start recruiting properly, which I've been working on.
  • Community Warfare's Dropship mode: You can assemble a drop of 4 mechs, up to 240 tons (250 for IS), and when you die, you respawn. Games are attack/defend objectives, rather than deathmatch or C&H. When coordination goes well, this is the most fun I've ever had in MWO. When teamwork doesn't materialise, and you get steamrolled by a strong 12-player Clan Wolf drop, it's a slaughter. VW is *much harder* than regular old deathmatches, and the matches are typically 2-3 times as long. There's a lot of reward to be had there, but everyone has to bring their best and play hard.
  • Private matches: We can now set up private games, for training or fun! One person on each team needs premium time, but The Captain and I can each captain a team to make that happen. This is a great way to get warmed up, to try out new builds, etc. This will be a great way to train people in a safe environment, and I aim to make the most of it.
  • Clan Mechs: For those not familiar with Battletech, the Clans are a eugenicist super-society which never regressed in technology. Their mechs are great, and in their natural state are super unbalanced. PGI has done a pretty good job of leveling the playing field, but there are a lot of new colours of laser flashing around.
  • Re-done maps: All of the old classics are being re-built with much larger sizes, destructable trees, and so on. There's more room for maneuver than ever before.
  • Radically redesigned mechlab: It finally looks like Smurfy! Building mechs has never been easier, but it does take a little getting used to if you're unfamiliar.
  • 12-player teams: It's no longer 8v8, it's now 12v12! This has made a pretty big difference in terms of promoting teamwork: One player no longer makes or breaks the team.

We tend to get rolling at about 7pm Pacific time, although often someone will be on before that to get some warm-ups in. Get patching now, or reinstall completely if it's been a couple of years. I look forward to seeing some of you come back on this or future Mondays - or perhaps during the week, when we often try to squeeze a couple of games in each evening.

= Attention Freedom Fighters:
= Please make sure your seat-backs and refreshment trays are in their full upright and locked positions.  We will be proceeding to Take-Off every Thursday
= at 9PM EST.
= This is a call to all Reaver, Liberator, and Galaxy Pilots; both Veteran and Recruit.  The Swarm wants YOU!
= Our hope is through sheer numbers, we can allow pilots to gain experience on the battlefield through the decimation of our opposition.
= Thank You,
= [IAM] Squishy - a.k.a. "BeeKeeper"

In the Planetside Squad menu, look for this naming convention.  It will be open to all players to join.

[IAM] Killer Bees Air Squad ALPHA - noob friendly

We will expand to as many squads as we are capable of handling.  Our mission is simple:  to colonize wherever we fly through excessive force.

Barring extenuating circumstances, this event will take place every Thursday night at 9PM EST.

Good Hunting

24 Nov 2012 - SPAM War

To all,

We recently have been under siege by spam bots. Some are getting through the cracks. We apologize for any that make it to the posting level. Please help us by reporting posts that truly violate our clan's community rules. Please be cautious in what you click if you are unsure of the poster.

Sorry again,

[IAM] MechWarrior Branch Announced

Congrats to AGTMADCAT who will be leading [IAM]'s new MWO Branch.  Go forth and dominate!

[IAM] now has an official PlanetSide 2 Branch.

I will be serving as the PS2 Branch Boss at this time.  See you on Auraxis.

Those interested in joining the PS2 Branch should familiarize themselves with the PS2 Branch Rules/Regulations: http://www.iam-clan.com/planetside-2/ps2-branch-rules-and-regulations/
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[IAM] Members: PM anomaly to add yourself to this list.  Please include your twitch.tv page link.

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