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[IAM] Community Rules
« on: July 14, 2010, 12:50:08 PM »
[IAM] Community Rules

[IAM] welcomes all, but the following rules should be followed:
Overall Mantra: Always show respect to ALL players.  We play with a large variety of players from many different backgrounds. The language used in-game and in mumble should reflect an awareness of the other players that can hear you.  Our goal as a clan is to make a place that people WANT to play games. With that being said, this should be a fun environment that new players want to return to.  You should be welcoming and continue the atmosphere of respect that brought you here.  Bringing people into the community under these pretenses is strongly encouraged.  This is an all-encompassing rule.

   1. No debating of rules.
   2. No cheating or hacking.
   3. No racism.
   4. No pornographic sprays/posts.
   5. No whining or frivolous hacking claims.
   6. Do not impersonate a clan member (actual or fictional).
   7. Do not SPAM the microphone.
   8. Do not defame the clan or any of its members.
   9. Do not wear the clan tag unless in the clan or approved for recruit status.
   10. No advertising for other clans on our servers.
   11. All server rules are to be followed as established as long as they agree with the clan rules or mantra.  If that is not the case, contact the appropriate rank.
   12. Topic titles should be kept safe for work ("SFW") at all times.
   13. Avatars/signatures should be kept SFW at all times.
   14. Images/any other large format items (YouTube videos, wall of text in posts) should be kept SFW unless the topic is explicitly marked NSFW.
   15. All topics created that contain questionable material must be labeled not safe for work ("NSFW") by appending "[NSFW]" after the topic title.
   16. Swearing is allowed, but should be kept to a reasonable level.  Always be respectful of others.
   17. Thread topics/titles must be descriptive of the content that is being posted. Titles such as "Check this out!" or "This is so cool!" or "I can't believe this!" are not descriptive, and result in multiple postings on the same subject. Before posting, you might want to look through the current page of posts to see that someone has not already posted on the same subject. Failure to describe your thread or link within a thread will result in it being locked and possibly removed.

Rules can change at any time, but you are responsible for obeying them.
All reports or violations of rules will be investigated seriously - please include what rule was violated and the circumstances.

Recruitment Policy (FULL-VERSION: CLICK HERE):
Recruitment into [IAM] is by invitation only.  If you would like become a member, please join us on these forums, our Mumble server, and in-game.  If you are not affiliated with any current clan, we may invite you to join (we will not consider those already members of other clans).  If you have been around the community for a while and want to join but have not been invited, you may feel free to express your interest to a Clan Leader in Mumble.

Thanks!  Enjoy your stay!
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